About the Epistles

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‘Epistle’ is a fancy word for letter. In the New Testament, the Epistles are Paul’s letters that address the needs, conflicts, and general gripes that came up in early Christian communities. With these epistles, occasionally poetic, often messy, Paul wrote what he thought–sometimes, he griped right back! While I have a decidedly love-hate relationship with Paul, I’ve decided to take a page from his book and write some epistles of my own.

I’m writing about faith, hope, and love. Most of all, I’m writing about sex. I’m writing about sex of all kinds. I’m writing about especially but not exclusively about kinky sex. I’m also writing about sex in the Bible and in the Church community. I’m writing about the joys of consensual sex and the cruelty of sexual assault. I’m writing about virginity. I’m writing about pain. I’m writing about justice. I’m even writing about my own sex and my journey with sex as a queer Christian divinity student.

I want to write to my communities, the people that I love. Who are these people? My fellow Christians, queer people, kinky people, misfits, agnostics, atheists, frustrated academics, and those who have been wounded by the Church. I’m writing to people with white picket fences, but I’m also writing to people who will never have the fence–and the many, many people on the ‘wrong’ (other) side of it. I wouldn’t presume to call my writing scripture, but I believe that I have something to add. Like Paul, I’m imperfect, but I will try, as I write my unbuttoned epistles, to teach, to encourage, and to learn. Care to join me?

-Perpetua Fox (She/her/hers)

PS: This blog is pro-sex worker, pro-queer, and pro-choice. Deal with it.