Submission is Scary

Rained-on brick patio with green growth and feet
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[Image description: Photo is of a freshly rained-on brick patio with plants growing around the edges and through the cracks. A pair of pale human feet is at the edge of the frame.]

This’ll be short because I’m emotionally exhausted.

I’ve heard it said that in BDSM, dominants learn power, submissives learn courage, and switches learn wisdom (I wish I could find the original source). That statement oversimplifies things for sure, but it illustrates where I am right now. Looks like I’m about to be very courageous. I’m talking with a friend about experimenting with a low-key D/s dynamic where she is dominant and I am submissive; it’s more of a mindset than a specific kind of play. Not having had any experience with actually submitting before, I’m terrified. 

She brought up the idea of D/s a couple of days ago, and my subconscious wouldn’t leave it alone (I actually dreamed about it; I pay attention to dreams). When we finally started discussing it in messages, I had a physical fight-or-flight response–pounding heart, churning stomach, etc. Having only experienced kink so far as a dominant and top, giving up control and letting myself be led is scary. But scary doesn’t mean bad, and I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t let myself be scared sometimes, I won’t grow. 

Even though I’m intimidated by the vulnerability of it, I’m proud of myself just for being courageous enough to explore this path–I feel braver already. I’m also terribly curious about what I will learn and the wisdom that this experiment will bring. 

That’s all I got for now, but I’ll have more reflections soon! 

6 thoughts on “Submission is Scary”

  1. Proud of you for taking that first step! I know it can be hard.
    I feel like I’ve seen the Dom/sub/verse and power/courage/wisdom thing in a Legend of Zelda meme ?

    1. Thanks for the support! I think that might actually be it. XD Now that I think about it, I believe whatever I read did use the term “vers.”

  2. Such bravery to not simply react to that physiological response, but to listen to it, acknowledge it, and make your own choice whether to explore it further. Vulnerability can be terrifying for so many of us, but there is enormous strength to be found there as well. This is a beautiful statement of courage.

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