Masturbation Monday – On Chronic Pain and Periods

Multi-colored silicone dilator set from Pure Romance
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[Image description: Photo is of a colorful silicone dilator set from Pure Romance arranged on top of its packaging box.]

I’ve decided to participate in the Masturbation Monday weekly blogging meme run by prolific sex blogger and freelance writer Kayla Lords! Please note, gentle readers, that while this post is not an erotica, it is sexually explicit and contains details about my own sex life, including masturbation, periods, and chronic pain. You can opt out of explicit posts by selecting “Non-Explicit Epistles” under Categories. 🙂 

So. My period started this morning. Huzzah! (Not really. I felt like my uterus was about to fall out.) Fortunately, I didn’t have to go anywhere. I had a silly thought while microwaving a heat pack: “I should’ve gotten off last night while I had the chance.” And then I realized “I still can.” 

Period masturbation takes a little extra work; I’ve turned it into a ritual. I started with a period-focused yoga practice to soothe my cramps and help me settle into my body. After spreading a towel out on my bed, turning on some ambient music, and assembling the implements (a handy little bullet vibe, an aloe-based lube, toilet paper, and a colorful silicone dilator set), I was ready to practice vaginal penetration. 

I have a chronic pelvic pain condition called vulvodynia that makes vaginal penetration difficult-to-impossible, so I don’t receive penetration with partners at this time (except for one time when I was riding my sub’s face; his tongue slipped right in without incident and felt good). Dilation is one way to retrain tight pelvic floor muscles to unclench, and it’s easiest for me when I’m relaxed and *drumroll* on my period. So I lay back, lubed the second-smallest dilator, and teased myself with it before starting to ease it in (technically, you can just lube, insert, and leave it be, but dilators work best for me when I treat them like sex toys). 

I didn’t get very far at first; I could tell that my left-side pelvic muscles were especially tense today. Rather than push harder, I turned on my vibrator and let it pulse lightly against the dilator. I let myself fantasize about being fingered by a mysterious dominant lady (I’m a switch). I don’t like getting fingered at this point in life, but I hope that I will someday. I love the idea of being physically open to a partner in that way. 

As my orgasm began to build, the dilator gradually slid further in. It’s always interesting to me, how the dilator reminds me that my orgasm is an internal and external process. When I finally came, I felt myself spasm around it, not in a painful, clenching way, but a wet, luxurious, full-bodied way.

After I built back up and came again, I turned off the vibe and rested for a moment. I removed the dilator very slowly–it had gone in about halfway. Then, I stretched like a cat, rose, cleaned up, and went downstairs for a bowl of macaroni-and-cheese. Not so bad for a period day. 

End-note: If you have pelvic pain (a very common and, sadly, under-treated issue), I highly recommend that you look into getting treatment with a pelvic pain specialist. You shouldn’t have to just live with it. Your pain matters. 

For anyone curious about vaginal dilation in consultation with a specialist, here’s a link to the dilator set I use. I used the red one this time (oddly enough, it has been easier to use than the smaller yellow one. I think my vulva likes its shape better). 

Masturbation Monday

15 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday – On Chronic Pain and Periods”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the experience and i really think it’s good to talk about things like periods and sexiness.

  2. I like the idea of any kind of masturbation being part of a ritual, but there’s something kind of special about a period masturbation ritual…almost kind of mystical.

    And welcome to Masturbation Monday!

  3. The internal and external elements of orgasms are infinitely fascinating to me, I love writing about that. Welcome to Masturbation Monday!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! You made it sound very sexy! I am sorry to hear that you have a pelvic pain condition, I can imagine that it must affect your sex life quite a lot.

    1. Thanks for reading! It does somewhat, but I really enjoy external clitoral stimulation on its own, and the pain is usually just an issue with penetration, so I still have an enjoyable sex life. 🙂

  5. Welcome to MM! Sadly I know very little about dilators and sex & masturbation for those with chronic pelvic pain. This was incredibly insightful! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading. 🙂 In a strange way, I am somewhat glad that I have the chronic pain because it has led me not to rely on the default of penetration for sexual pleasure, and the treatment process is teaching me to be mindful and kind to myself.

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